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Some of you need to stop being so possessive over the boys, it makes me really sad that they'll never experience dating when they are at this age.

People close to the member denied reports that he was in a relationship with a Korean girl.

He is currently not dating and he knows that some mass medias have been trying to catch him in a relationship.

Because he has nothing to hide, he isn’t paying much attention to the rumors.

What is the difference between the ‘visual’ and the ‘face of the group’?

[TO BE UPDATED]#23 Who are the members most comfortable and most awkward around? #25 What schools are the members currently attending?

How is the hyung-dongsaeng relationship in the group?

P on social media pages#10 What are the nicknames of the B.

He couldn't pass through security so they searched him and found a hidden camera in the teddy bear's eye that had been on and filming the entire time.B has been found to be raising his voice in his intentions to leave the group, and company A has put a halt to all of the group's activities because of B.A has never had any contract troubles in the past and has been working to persuade B to change his mind in order to maintain their image as a trustable company.Instiz: Member of a top idol group prepares to leave... There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the legal contracts binding singers to their companies.Another such legal battle has been spotted, this time between a large company 'A' and member 'B' from a huge/top level idol group.

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