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The ports collection does not go through the same thorough security audit that is performed on the Open BSD base system.

Although we strive to keep the quality of the packages high, we just do not have enough resources to ensure the same level of robustness and security.

In general, you are advised to use packages over building an application from ports.

Mounted successfully on '/.update Stage' cp: /tmp/Pkg Update List.21496: No such file or directory GRUB configuration updated successfully Destroyed successfully ERROR: Error 1: cp /tmp/Pkg Update List.21496 /.update Stage/install-pkg-list ===================================== Any suggestions?

I run # pkg install samba43 again and I get the same feedback.

I then run # pkg-static install samba43 and the install works.

I don't think rolling back a BE will help as every BE created has suffered with the same problem, from the very first, Yes, however this just takes me back to the beginning of my quest : )) I have only two extra packages installed on top of standard True OS: nvidia-304.* and xmms (audio player).

I required the nvidia-304 as the nvidia-375 auto-suppied by True OS and the nvidia-340 variants were not compatible with my HP laptop's graphics and didn't want to fall back on vesa.

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), "pcupdatemanager pkgupdate" fails on True OS with the following message: ==================================== # pc-updatemanager pkgupdate Stopping syscache...

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