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Shane Farberman was driving through Toronto on Sunday when he spotted a man.The man was “obviously in distress,” Farberman told CTV, so Farberman kept an eye on him.Watching Mitchell try to suppress his laughter as the clowns each paid tribute to Professor Ringmaster in their own way was television déjà vu at its finest.Seeing all of the clowns cram into a small-sized car for a night on-the-town was also priceless.We were huge.” Mitchell: “In children’s parties.” Cam: “Anyway, I disbanded the group shortly after I met Mitchell.It’s hard to have a relationship and a clown career.Clearly, that bear has seen the latest It trailer.[via Boing Boing] Submit your Great Job, Internet tips here.

The bear, presumably, retreated into a hibernation rife with nightmares.Police in Georgia also warned locals against dressing up to scare people, adding they could face criminal charges. Jaw dropping nude girls with fake silicone tits, fucking and providing porno in amazing details and scenes.“It wasn’t a laughing matter,” Farberman told the Toronto Sun. It was pretty terrifying.” The Sun carried an account of the encounter, which, yes, does sound pretty terrifying. Pushing and hitting.” According to reports, Farberman (or Doo Doo, if you prefer) was honored after the incident, with Councillor Norm Kelly saying he had “given an additional definition to the word clown.” “You weren’t clowning around,” Kelly said, according to CBC News.The newspaper reports: A video from Farberman’s dash cam shows the man sprint back towards the vehicle, chasing the women.

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No, when it was all happening, he didn’t even notice.

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