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καθαρμοί), un passage d’autant plus difficile à interpréter, qu’il est très mutilé5.

Æblegrisen får samme kærlige behandling, som de øvrige dyr fra Grambogårds udvalgte leverandører, men fra den 1. Spørg i butikkerne efter særlige stykker og udskæringer. Forskellen på en traditionelt opdrættet and og én af Knuthenlunds friluftsænder er prismæssigt marginal, men ændernes livskvalitet er markant anderledes.ma ba aam khwarhalay yee etc for aamoona ( masculine , plural), dodai (feminine singular ) and dodaiganey (feminine plural ) the principal verb khwarhal is khwarhali and the helping verb is yee .as hagha ba aamona/dodai/dodayganey khwarhali yee and the same for all pronouns yee changes only when there is no object as hagha ba talay yee but za ba talay yam but yee is for all cases the same when there is object .lesson no 15 future continuous tense as already we have discussed in case of pashtu (in present tense) , indifinite tense can be used in lieu of continuous tense( but NOT in case of past tense) as we can say i am eating =za khwram or za lagya yam khwram the same is true for future tense and we can use either indifinte or continuous tense .as i will be eating =za ba khwram or za ba lagya yam khwram ba (ba at teh end as here is no object as we dont know what i will be eating , but i will be eating mangos = za ba lagya yam amona ba khwram) generally indifinite tenses are more popular than continuous/progressive tenses but once we especially concentarte on the continuity or progress of the action then some times continuous tense may be used only.

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