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Alex Lubinsky, CEO and a co-founder of City Hour, says that it is a must-have app for every professional.

Alex and his fully dedicated team of 10 people believe that City Hour empowers individuals to take their careers into their own hands and not wait for fate to deal them a good card.

And while Disrupt has always welcomed internationally based companies to the show floor, this year the team introduced the International Pavilions, a dedicated exhibition space for 125 companies from countries including Chile, Turkey, Korea, Israel, Argentina and Brazil to showcase innovation happening around the globe.

The purpose of Tech Crunch & Tech Node Media Day is to serve for start-ups, provide them a valuable opportunity to communicate with top-class tech-media.

Attendee: Exhibitors and other startup teams on the Tech Crunch Shenzhen Summit Sign up: It’s very hard to see the places where innovation actually happens.

SAN FRANCISCO — I couldn’t figure out whether to chuckle or cringe after walking away from Startup Alley at Tech Crunch Disrupt this week.

This time, not only the Tech Node journalists will attend this Media day but also the journalists from Tech Crunch come to feel the passion of the start-up in China.

This is also the first Media Day of Tech Crunch in China.

Welcome to a brand new Hinge, the app completely rebuilt and redesigned for relationships.

BUZZ ABOUT HINGE- “this new version is really going to change things” - Elite Daily- “a great option for those fed up with temporary love.” - The Next Web- “Hinge ditches swiping...

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