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C:\WINDOWS) folder and while this simplifies the installation procedure it makes upgrading difficult.We advise you remove all of these files (like and PHP related DLLs from the Windows SYSTEM folder) before moving on with a new PHP installation.This change provides cleaner, more focused authentication controllers by default.

The old might be useful in setting up the new PHP as well.Restarted Apache successfully and everything seems to be good to go.:tup: Actually, I probably would have installed to a second PHP directory and changed the statement to the new directory for testing ... Since there were no problems (I wouldn't have expected any), then my "safety feature" would have been extra work for nothing more than a warm, fuzzy feeling.What is the proper way to upgrade from PHP Version 5.4.32 to PHP Version 5.5.22 on Windows? PHP is already running on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit alongside IIS, just need to move on to a newer version of PHP Manual Installation Steps ...Upgrading from a previous PHP version: Previous editions of the manual suggest moving various ini and DLL files into your SYSTEM (i.e.

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The goal of this chapter is to answer the following questions: Along the way, we'll cover some fundamental techniques in NLP, including sequence labeling, n-gram models, backoff, and evaluation.

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