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Depending on which figures you believe, up to 15 percent of the UK’s roads change each year.That means your satnav’s maps will become less accurate as time goes on.The Tom Tom GPS maps can be updated by visiting the official Tom Tom website and downloading the application that recognizes the current map information on the navigator and offers the latest available maps.These updated maps are accurate as they are carefully reviewed, but they are a paid service.New roads and housing estates are built, existing roads can be changed from two-way to one-way streets or pedestrianised and new junctions and roundabouts are added.At worst you’ll end up in the wrong place, unable to find your destination, or you might simply be late.

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Buy a new map by choosing "Add Maps" from the Tom Tom Home main menu and clicking "Buy" next to the map you want to download.

Enter your method of payment, then choose either "Install Now" or "Install Later" at the bottom of the Tom Tom Home screen.

The user can update the street names, restricted turns, traffic direction changes, speed limit changes and any blocked roads with this package.

These changes are regularly updated by the Tom Tom owners and are combined into a single unit that is available for download to navigator owners who are registered on the website and have the home application installed.

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