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In the Fall of 2008, while living in Seoul, Korea, Violet settled into a more traditional, less travel based format of vlogging.

Focusing on stories, music videos, and skits, one of her most popular at the time were two successive videos, in which she played herself and a crazy alter-ego.

Her catchphrase "Mind Geek" is a reference to her stereotypically "geeky" interests such as Digimon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and The Legend of Zelda.I want people to see me.” Fame, born Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, is out of drag, and though still very stunning as a street-clothed man, she's not quite the head-turner as when transformed into her full, “Rolls Royce of drag” persona.But, then, we are in Hell's Kitchen on a Friday night, and the recognition doesn't take long.I think telling people they look good, no matter your size, your age, or whatever, is important.Give positive affirmation to another human being, especially within the gay community—and , a show that requires its contestants to turn out a balanced mix of inventive drag, performance skills, humor, and even relatability, the girliest (or “fishiest”) queens are almost always clocked for “resting on pretty,” or at the very least warned against it.

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