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It is fitting, and rather illuminating, that the return of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” hinged on a scene where eight women are forced to quarrel with each other while two men stare at them impassively.Fitting, because it was deeply unsettling, which seems to be the defining emotion of our era.As the boy is a minor, his first name has not been revealed. 23, 1997: According to her divorce filing, and just 21 days after the birth of the child he was made to believe was his, Patty separated from her husband of 10 years.Fall 2003: Schwarzenegger's sexual misconduct becomes front-page news as the actor turned political heavyweight begins his run as California governor.“You would think he’d want the show to do well, but because he’s a narcissist it’s all about him,” Ali said Friday during her appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show.” According to Nielsen’s preliminary ratings , the program’s ratings dropped more than 43% since the most recent premiere that Trump hosted in 2015.While the new season’s premiere was indeed a big drop from the previous, the last season of “Celebrity Apprentice” wasn’t exactly a juggernaut. 9, 2015 — the week before the Season 14 finale — drew a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demo and 4.98 million viewers, just one-tenth of a point in the demo above the “New Celebrity Apprentice” premiere.It’s hard to watch “The Apprentice” and just watch “The Apprentice.” The show is stacked with signifiers that point to the nadir of the 2016 election, harassment allegations, controversial business practices, and investigation by the press.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's marriage has, from the outside, seemingly unraveled at lightning speed this week, with news of a split quickly followed by an admission of an affair, an illegitimate child and, finally, the identification of his mistress.The women were mostly dressed in an array of jewel tones; the room and furnishings around them were totally black. And though guest judge Tyra Banks — no stranger to judging and elimination scenes — is also sitting at the boardroom table, due to camera angles and editing, it’s possible to forget she’s there.Instead, the viewer is forced to contemplate the imbalance between the eight colorfully dressed and nervous women opposite Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his nephew — quite the archetypal Mini-Me — Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger.It’s understandable why a journalist would be interested in Arnold’s thoughts on Trump.Like Trump, Schwarzenegger is an entertainment personality-turned-Republican politician, and was also named as Trump’s replacement on “The Celebrity Apprentice” in September 2015.

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Schwarzenegger also retweeted out a video that he posted after Trump won the election.

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