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Check out It’s About Time for a day-by-day history timeline, or Invention and Inventor Lists for interesting lists of patents, inventors, entrepreneurs and more.2) Inventors - this community is full of great insights on the history of inventors (a subset of creators and innovators in my mind).The third generation, mid-1960s to 1971, was based on the innovation of the semiconductor which replaced transistors, reducing heat and also the size of the computers.of Cumbria gave me a wealth of experience to understand the exacting requirements of both artists and photographers.Once in a while, I like to get an historical perspective on Creativity and Innovation.I found four websites that are very helpful in doing this: 1) my favorite site is The Great Idea Finder - this site looks like it was created in 1996 and in serious need of a web 2.0 programmer, but it’s full of great research, ideas and history.The Ph D reports on whether children of non-Chinese heritage can benefit from learning to use the abacus and if so how.

Computers have become a useful and necessary part of modern society. It is a language and a way of representing relationships. Mathematics is after all the most international of subjects.4) the Timeline Index – a nice visual timelime of Inventors through the recent ages – also an interesting timeline for other areas such as artists, philosophers, actors, etc).Click on any person’s name and it gives you a detailed page on their biography, related links, etc. The big question that people often ask me about my work with entrepreneurs and innovators is ” Conventional wisdom is that ideas come from an “AHA” moment that an inventor has – for example, the moment that Art Fry at 3M Corp realized he had inadvertently created a sticky substance that could be used on paper to create the “post-it” note, or the moment that Archimedes sat in his bath tub and realized that the water he had displaced held an important clue to measuring density of matter.

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They have been used in all types of businesses ranging from mail order and retail sales, to communications such as phone lines and internet access.

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