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Gdy malutki człowiek pojawia się na świecie musi się w nim dokonać szereg zmian, tzn.

musi zacząć sam oddychać, przyjmować pokarmy oraz wydalać produkty przemiany materii.

Welcome to my neighbourhood: a place of transition, a place of tension.

A place where distracted mothers occasionally are left smarting: At what point does someone begin to apologize for surviving? Children race to greet my girls with the news: “I saw a brown puppy!

And all the commemorations will inevitably raise a single question: What are we to make of this Times Square in light of all the other Times Squares?

In the tightly bounded space of an old city, history presents itself archaeologically, each generation building directly atop the one before.

Times Square is surely the most familiar and most frequently reproduced fragment of urban real estate on the planet. The hats, the crowds, the shows, the bars -- yes, here was life in the center of the city that was the center of the world.

Even those of us who are too young to have known Times Square in its age of glory -- even many people who have never been to New York, for that matter -- carry in their heads a nocturnal black-and-white image of glowing signs for Camel cigarettes and the Bond Clothing store, of humpbacked taxis coursing through the X-shaped crossroads of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, of crowds of men in dark suits and fedoras gazing up at the news zipper on the Times Tower. And as Times Square is in so many ways the incarnation of urban life itself, so nostalgia for Times Square is nostalgia for a lost idea of urbanness, or of urbanity -- for a time, before the advent of television and the suburbs, and before riots and drug wars, when everyone knew that city life was the best life of all.

Urban downtowns are being brought back to life by baseball stadiums and refurbished harbors and train-stations-become-gallerias.

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