Zombie dating

If you’re just entering the dating market, there’s a whole new language you’ll need to learn.

New buzzwords pop up all the time to explain some of the more common-yet-baffling behaviors out there.

I thought this idea for a dating sim from beyond the grave.

Your zombie out for a good time with the living women and if a date goes well. your treated to pics of Goatse, Tubgirl, Tricky and all kinds of gross out pics. *Topic is for entertainment purposes only.* have it very gothic and dark setting instead of a picnic for a date have it in a graveyard and fresh pickings at the maggot ridden corpses instead of flowers bring her the heart of a school girl for gifts blood of a virgin eyes the soul of a pure spirit etc I say do it. I like the whole making at stupidly goth as you can, too.

Hell, if I can make a dating sim that doesn't even have any nudity (still being worked on, don't expect it for a while), I'm sure you can make one about zombies with disgusting pictures.

The newest Zombie Games is Ranger Vs Zombies, added on May 25 2016 at and the most played Zombie Games is Plants vs Zombies There are 343 Zombie Games, we add new games every day and only the best Zombie Games!

I no longer can refer to him as his screenname so I will now refer to him as “LAWSUIT”. My attorney will file suit against you in state court.

Zombies: Time & Twist• Plants Vs Zombies: Operation Defend Suburbia • Plants vs.

Today, daters have many options, and they like to keep things open-ended.

In 2017, with apps and online dating, you have enough phone numbers to pursue a new person every night of the week — and then some.

I’d think “how to avoid pain” would be more popular. Yogapantsnono: It’s odd that someone got to my site using this phrase because usually if I see yoga pants I say yes yes, but that’s only because I look so good in them. Charity for disabled rodents: That’s right, all proceeds from sales of merchandise in The Phil Factor Gift Shoppe are donated to buy tiny wheelchairs for rats. Those Caribbean pirates do look like an unsavory lot.

Who knows, one might turn out to be the next Stephen Hawking! Perks of dating a zombi: Apparently Google thinks I’m a dating site for zombies and Hindi’s. People Die at Disney: Why did this bring people to my blog? There goes my chance to get Disney as an advertiser on The Phil Factor.

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That’s right, The Phil Factor brings people together. BTW, most of you probably know that when Walt Disney died he had his head cryogenically frozen.

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